No matter what your religious beliefs or background, seeing one of these ads causes you to stop momentarily. Step #1 accomplished (get them to stop and read what you write) Then, they do the most brilliant thing they could they stir up the biggest controversial subjects they can. I love it! They talk about same sex marriages, sex and religion, religious beliefs, disagreeing with the bible, Jesus in the shopping mall playing Santa this is pure genius. Step #2 accomplished (fire them up for the good or the bad just get them talking) This will definitely alienate a percentage of the population. EXACTLY what they want! They want people to start debating this ad series and they want to show people what they stand for. Those that agree with them are highly likely to pay closer attention from now on.

Those that disagree with them are highly likely to pay closer attention to them as well. Why? It is long proven that serious controversial people and subject matters draw more from the hate side than the love side. Look at Howard Stern. More people listening to his show absolutely are disgusted in him than those who love him but the non-fans wouldn't miss a second of his show what if he says something that infuriates them even more? Step #3 accomplished (give them a reason to vent or take action the ads direct them to a website to share their impressions) This is the exact same type of thought process your prospects and clients go through.

Lessons learned: -Snap them out of their trance. You must show them something that wakes them up and makes your advertisement the only one that day they read and pay attention to (out of the hundreds they will see). -Be the one who is willing to stand out and talk about the things no one else in your field will. Make a concerted effort to be controversial.

Those who like your style will become paying customers, those who don't like your style won't become paying customers (nor were they ever likely too anyhow. But I guarantee they will talk about your disgusting ad or approach to their friends, family, and co-workers! And if you can get people ranting about your ads you are on your way to a winning campaign.) -Give them a reason to do something or take some form of action in support (or non) of what your ad is about. Direct them to a discussion board where people can sign up for new updates or discuss what they liked or didn't about your approach (note ALL the comments these received definitely made it's mark on the minds of potential "clients") Love it or hate it this ad series is brilliant. That is my humble opinion anyhow!.

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