Auction Secret Profits Reviewed

ABOUT LEE MCINTYRE (AUTHOR OF AUCTION SECRET PROFITS) Lee McIntyre is a teacher who has already successfully sold digital products online in the teaching niche. Although Lee has only been trading online since 2006 he is a true success, selling 600+ copies of his first Internet Marketing ebook, Auction Profits Unleashed, during pre-launch alone. Since then Lee has launched a number of successful ebooks, a membership site and an excellent newsletter. ABOUT AUCTION SECRET PROFITS In Auction Secret Profits, Lee explains how you can use eBay to generate a lot of viral traffic and additional income. The topics Lee covers include: - The eBay Ebook Market!! - How to Profit from eBay Auctions without Selling Anything!! - Creating Short Reports!! - How giving away Ebooks can Make you More Money than Selling Them!! - How to get Ebook Sellers working for You!! Lee begins Auction Secret Profits by discussing the eBay ebook market. In particular Lee discusses the flaws in the market and the mistakes that many eBay ebook sellers make (as an eBay ebook seller myself I thankfully don't make make these mistakes).

Lee goes on to discuss how you can gain from the flaws in the eBay ebook market. Overall, this section is a refreshing take on the eBay ebook market. If you browse many Internet Marketing forums you will see topics such as "The eBay ebook market is dead".

However, Lee has shown that money can be made if you are a little creative. Next, Lee goes on to discuss how to measure the demand for different products on eBay. This is a lot easier than I thought it would be and all the research methods can be implemented on the actual eBay website. Lee even gives some suggestions to readers of the ebook as to what is currently in demand.

For example, at the time of writing Auction Secret Profits, the World of Warcraft was one of these in demand products. Once you have choosen a niche or product to focus on (based on your eBay research) you need to monetise it (make money from it). Lee discusses how to do this in great detail and even provides two different methods to monetise your chosen niche/product. Unfortunately, I can't discuss these methods in this review as it would reveal too much of Lee's subject matter and that is something I do not want to do. However, I assure you that it is great information for people who want to profit from eBay traffic and Lee really has overdelivered here. In the next section of Auction Secret Profits, Lee discusses creating short reports based on your chosen product/niche.

First, he discusses how you can research the information for your short report for free or at a very low cost. Then he provides a few quick writing tips. After this Lee discusses a number of other ways you could create your short reports including PLR and outsourcing. Lee also discusses making money from the report in this section but as I have already said I can't disclose that information.

Overall, this is a great section with the information being straight to the point. PLR and outsourcing are often neglected in other ebooks that discuss product creation. At this point you should have everything you need to start getting traffic and revenue from eBay. You now just need to get your reports out there. In the final section of Auction Secret Profits Lee discusses how to distribute your reports.

There is lots of useful advice here which includes making your ebook look more professional, offering it to ebook sellers on eBay and more. Although the information in this section is not very advanced this does give you a lot of ideas for distributing your ebook. In conclusion, I have to tell you that this was not an easy ebook to review. The nature of the information means that I can't reveal to much without completely giving Lee's game away. However, with Auction Secret Profits, Lee has provided a complete system for generating traffic and revenue from eBay WITHOUT listing your own auctions. It's a very low cost system and with the examples Lee provides there really is no excuse why anyone can't implement their own Auction Secret Profits system.

GOOD POINTS - Lee makes it very easy to measure demand on eBay. - I really like the level of detail Lee provided when discussing creating your own short reports. Lee provides lots of resources which will help you - even if you have never created a product before. - Once your reports are out there that's it. There is no more tweaking or maintenance required. BAD POINTS - Lee could have provided links to some good ecover designers.

- I don't think the level of traffic from these methods is as great as Lee mentions. HOW I HAVE GAINED FROM AUCTION SECRET PROFITS As an eBay ebook seller myself I thankfully don't make the mistakes that Lee mentions. I have created my own ebooks and am increasingly working on creating more and more of my own products. I implement a lot of the ideas Lee mentions inside Auction Secret Profits already. However, one area I need to seriously improve upon is testing.

I get my ebooks out there but I don't test the results. Lee explains how to do this so I just need to start doing it.

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