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Successful internet marketers were once newbies. By learning all you can about the beauty of having a home-based business that is online could be your ticket out of your 9 to 5 grind. There are a lot of benefits for the internet entrepreneur, especially when they know how to market properly. The newbie internet entrepreneurs are at an advantage because the availability of marketing techniques, technology, and training are at their fingertips. MARKETING TECHNIQUES.

There are numerous methods available for the newbie. Just getting started and don’t have a lot of cash? No worries…there’s free advertising such as TrafficSwarm, free online classifieds, blogging, and article submission. Want to go all out? Take it easy at first.

Pace yourself so that you are not burning your marketing budget on one method. If you have the working capital every month for your advertising costs, learn one method of paid advertising at a time. Please take the time to really learn Google Adsense. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will lose a lot of money and you will quit your home-based business before you even get started.

TECHNOLOGY. With cell phones, eFaxes, internet, UPS and FedEx priority overnight shipping, errand service, a small home-based business can operate at a large scale capacity at a reasonable price. Marketing techniques have gotten a lot easier because the novice internet entrepreneur won’t need to know html coding to build a website. Services such as GoDaddy.

com have type and publish websites. To generate leads, you won’t need to make a list of your warm market and pray they would join your opportunity. Thanks to the world wide web, teams can be build from almost every corner of the world. TRAINING. Training for specific courses is another advantage the newbie internet entrepreneur have on their fingertips. There are numerous marketing experts who train and mentor these newbie internet entrepreneurs.

One-on-one coaching is available if you are lucky enough to join someone’s opportunity and your sponsor builds you up. Marketing experts have their own field of expertise (ie, copywriting, lead generation, Search Engine Optimization) and will teach a new person to cut his/her learning curve for a price (typically, a course or a series of live coaching). Veteran internet entrepreneurs had to learn everything on their own, by trial and error. Often times, after losing thousands and thousands of dollars.

Those who stuck it out found their own area of expertise and are now teaching newbies how to be successful. Painting a rosy garden is not intended to stop reading this and join the first opportunity you come across. A lot of hard work, determination, and persistence are needed to be successful.

Look before you leap, some newbie obstacles include: NEWBIE PITFALL. Most newbie internet entrepreneurs fail to succeed with their business because they want to make money quickly, without learning how to market properly. Often times, they join an opportunity and expect their affiliate link or a replicated site will set them financially free.

Not so fast. When you advertise your affiliate link, people don’t have the patience to type the whole URL. Besides, when people see it’s an affiliate link, they purposely delete your affiliate ID.

If you have a replicated website that a lot of the newbies have, you are not unique. If you are not unique, you won’t sell anything. The biggest advantage for veteran entrepreneurs is that they have seen the worst but are still here because they didn’t quit and something finally clicked and they now have a system that works. INTERNET-BASED HOME BUSINESS VS. STORE FRONT: So, why the internet-based business and not a store front? For starters, you will need a large capital to have a store…not to mention the inventory. You cannot be at your store 24/7, so you will need to hire employees.

The reason why someone starts a business is to have free time. By having a store, you will become a prisoner of your business. The internet is a vehicle of choice because the operating costs are cheap. You truly leverage your time and effort. For example, if you are selling an informational product, you only need to write it once, set up your marketing so that it’s on auto-pilot. An intriguing lead capture page coupled with compelling auto-responder series would be a cash magnet for you.

INTERNET-BASED HOME BUSINESS VS. BEING AN EMPLOYEE. Why an internet-based business and not to continue being an employee? Geez, this one is a no-brainer. As an employee, you’re always at the mercy of your employer. You could be employed today, fired tomorrow. The beauty of having an internet-based business is that you can quietly make your fortune while you’re working for someone.

Take caution: when you are making more money with your business compared to your measly hourly wage or salary, you will have the itch to quit your job. My personal rule of thumb is consistently make your target for 6 consecutive months. On the 7th month, tender your letter of resignation.

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