Best Link Building Ways That Never Fail

Here are 15 best link building ways that promise to bounce your site to the top ten search results of Google or any other major search engine. Read them; understand them; and make sure that you use them to taste web success. Best Link Building Ways: * Post your links to some good and relevant directories. This is the easiest and quickest way to get links.

But, remember; many reputed directories don't permit links to internal pages. * Have a few complementary sites that support your main website. If the former obtains a rank, contact other webmasters for a 3 or 4 way link building. But, never link your main site from the supplementary one or vice versa; or else the search engine may catch your pattern. Also, ensure that all your sites are under different IP. * Include a blog in your main site for obtaining plenty of natural links.

* Submit quality content articles that talk about your product or service to about 3-5 relevant web directories. They are one of the best link building ways of obtaining one way links, plus attracting traffic to your site. * Contact various webmasters and submit your articles to them for one way link. * Request links from your business acquaintances or search for local sites. * Register your site with the Better Business Bureau.

It builds credibility. * Create pages in Hubpages, Squidoo, and other such sites to obtain links. * Create a list on various topics and put your link with some respectable sites that are related to your business. There are many sites that allow you to do this. * Bookmark those pages of your site that are rich in quality content.

* Issue an RSS feed and organize it, if possible. * Associate with forums and post your articles in it for links. Though most of the reputed forums provide NOFOLLOW links, ye they still help. * Purchase some high class text links from niche directories and blogs.

* Use your creativity and create a page or tool that can be used by visitors. For example, create a unique calculator. Let visitors associate with the tool or use it in their own website.

This helps you obtain lots of one way links, depending on the quality of the tool. * Provide something FREE! The whole world loves free things. This is perhaps the best link building tactic. Such an offer will lure many links towards your site.

Search for website designing companies that provide free templates. These templates help get the sites a large number of one way links. Still thinking about the best link building way? Stop! Pick a few from the ones stated above and watch your site enjoy a ranking among the top ten on Google search!.

Affiliate Marketing

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