Facebook Friend Adder Marketing in Anytown Cyberspace

When people used to get together, they had to actually physically be in the same space - in diners, coffee shops, social clubs and in each other's living rooms. Now they just have to sit down in their offices or homes and turn on the computer to visit someone - even if they're in opposite parts of the world. Online communication began with DOS-based forums and chat rooms back in the computer dark (i.

e. non-graphic) ages. Today, it's whole new virtual world with internet community sites that are infinitely more complicated and interesting than the real world. Social network sites are attracting more users, more investment and more marketing than ever before - the prime evidence being Microsoft's huge 240 million dollar purchase of a less-than-two percent share of Facebook. Facebook, if you're not already familiar with the intricacies of sending a stranger a Poke, is an online community that's going through an enormous spurt of growth. Created over three years ago by Mark Zuckerberg, a drop-out from Harvard who wanted to emulate Bill Gates, Facebook boasts a user base of over 50 million, with 200,000 new users joining every day.

The revolution began in May 2007, when Facebook offered outside developers and companies a share of advertising revenue in exchange for crating unique new applications for the site. Over five thousand new applications appeared within six months - transforming Facebook with tools allowing users to do everything from dedicating a song to battling another user in a zombie fight to drawing on a wall to giving a friend a "hatching" egg with a surprise inside. Suddenly, users could spend hours on Facebook, enhancing their profiles and interacting with their friends in thousands of unusual ways.

Facebook was now elevated to the ranks of Web 3.0 (bypassing Web 2.0) with a running jump towards the much-talked about web semantic ideal. It was different in a way that excited users and caused them to invite friends, family and acquaintances to join in the new online experience that everyone was talking about. This marketing base is why Facebook is so attractive to a corporation like Microsoft - and why internet marketers at all levels are looking for ways to get their messages into this amazing new social system that's experiencing the kind of explosive growth that comes along rarely. But how does the little guy compete with a giant like Microsoft? One highly effective way is through Facebook marketing software packages and Facebook Bots like the Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition.

While you go about the business of running your business, the Stealth Friend Bomber can mass message, mass poke and mass request Facebook "friends" for you. It's a Facebook Friend Adder system that links internet marketers to Facebook's 50 million and growing mob painlessly and efficiently. Internet marketers naturally want to be in on the revenue possibilities too - without paying the Microsoft price tag. The best way to do just that is by obtaining a Facebook marketing software solution - such as Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition. It's a Facebook Friend Adder that automates tasks like mass friend-requesting, friend-messaging, and friend- "poking" without the user having to worry about it. The marketer is free to work on the rest of the business, while this highly-evolved Facebook Bot accesses one of the most dynamic databases available online.

Which takes internet marketing, along with internet social networks, to a whole new level.

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