How To Build Huge OptIn List of Starving Prospects Through GiveAway Events

One of the more prevalant features of human behavior is the desire to gain useful items for free. Utilizing this function of human behavior can build you a large opt-in contact list and new customers for other "for sale' items in your business. List building by offering a free lesson course or free report on the topic of your specific niche can be utilized to gain e-mail addresses for your business. There is a way to take this basic concept and expand it to much greater levels. While the giveaway event can be performed on a solo basis, it has been found that using this concept in a joint venture program can bring even greater benefit to all involved.

JV with several marketers with similar interests will in the first instance give your potential customers a much wider & more intriguing selection of products or services to choose from for their own use. With the joint efforts of several marketers promoting the giveaway event there is a wider base of advertising to spread the word around. & if the event does not do well, there is less individual loss of time/effort. But when the event is successful, the rewards are numerous. There can be a massive increase in your opt-in contact/subscribers lists.

With many more people you are legally allowed to contact about your subsequent offers, there is a greater potential for increasing your sales in the future. By working with several equally established marketers this way, it gives you all the appearance of being "in the know" and gives a greater perceived value for the information or product you offer. The free giveaway event can be an excellent time to place a one-time offer before your customer as soon as he has entered his e-mail address to get the free offer. The admonition that there is only a limited time in which to gain another product at a discounted price along with the free offer will make a person more inclined to add to their purchase. Make sure that it is clearly marked that they do not have to purchase the extra item but can say farewell to the one-time offer and go on to get the free one.

For a sense of business integrity, it is suggested that you select a few of your products to only offer as a one-time opportunity. If they subsequently see you offering the same thing again later in your e-mail campaign to them, they may wonder about what else may have been misleading and cancel their subscription to your list. While you would not want to give your primary product away, you will want to investigate the availability of other similar quality products. Make sure of the type of rights that go with a product you want to give away and that you are allowed to pass it along without remuneration. There are quality sites that offer just this type of product to the online entrepreneur to get his business going. In list building this way you can find that it is better to give.

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