Looking for The Next Million Dollar Idea

There are thousands and thousands of million dollar ideas out there. Sadly many of them never see the light of day. However, how can you find these ideas, and more importantly, how can you capitalize on them? The first thing to do is to research the idea. Obviously keep your cards close to your chest and don't tell everyone about your idea, but do some research into competing products, the market and how to get your idea to market. For example, is there anything in the market already that is similar or the same as your idea? If there is, can you develop your idea without infringing on their patents or copyright? Is your idea an enhancement of an existing product? Would the company that currently makes that product be interested to license your idea or can you develop the product yourself and get it to market? If your idea is a completely new product, then you need to ask yourself if there is in fact a market for it.

If it is a completely new idea, why isn't there anything on the market already? It might be that there is actually no market there, or at least no one willing to spend any money. When it comes to looking for ideas there are four main methods that I can recommend to you. Firstly, go to Amazon and look at what is popular there. Amazon is one of the most visited sites on the Internet and is a powerful research tool if you know how to use it. See what people are buying and what they are selling. This will give you an idea of topics and subjects that are of interest to people.

Perhaps one of these will spawn that million dollar idea? Secondly, visit Ebay. Another of the most popular sites on the Internet, you can often see trends developing on Ebay and discover popular niche markets very easily. Look at the top selling products in each category to determine what people want to get their hands on. You can even look at how well things similar to your ideas are selling to understand if there is a market for it. Thirdly, check out forums on the niche you are looking to work in.

See what people are talking about and discover what questions they have and what problems they need solving. This will give you some great ideas for products that could net you a quick dollar or two. Finally, do a Google on the idea or niche to see what comes up. Google has more web pages indexed than I can count and is an amazing source of information. Go through the first ten to twenty pages of sites to see what is out there.

Again, you might find ideas, your might find information. Whatever you do find though, it will be useful. Before you pour your money and effort into a product you must research it and make sure that it is going to be profitable for you. Use the techniques outlined above, and you may find you spot the next million dollar idea!.

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