What do you mean by Ad ware

Ad ware is one of many "malwares" or malicious software programs that are unknowingly installed on your computer when you visit online sites and download freebies. When you use share files or visit sites with free downloads of wallpaper, videos, or music, some of these sites will send along ad ware software with your download. These malwares are a rapidly growing threat to all computer systems. It is estimated that in the first three months of 2005 over 80% of computer users had some type of malware software program running on their computer, without their knowledge. Although it is much less a threat to your computer and information than spy ware is, what ad ware will do is cause pop up banners and advertisements to appear on your computer. These advertisements are displayed on your computer no matter what program you might be using.

What the people who place this type of nuisance software on you computer say is that ad ware advertising helps them to recover costs and allows them to offer you those freebies you want. What you want to do to stop ad ware from appearing on your computer is to first run an anti-ad ware program. Run this program on demand regularly. Along with an anti-ad ware software program run your regular computer virus scan on demand also.

Check the security level on your computer. You security level setting should be at least medium to help protect you from unwanted downloads. Do not download free files from the internet, period. When downloading any software read the end-user license agreement.

Some of these agreements will state that when you download their software you are also agreeing to accept a downloaded spy ware that may be placed on your computer at the same time. Be aware of threats to your computer, and your personal information.

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