What Is The Reverse Funnel System By Ty Coughlin

To find out more about the Reverse Funnel System you can request information for $50, or try to uncover some facts on your own, starting with what this article distills for free. Ty Coughlin developed his system as a way to market Global Resorts Network. The key feature of Coughlin's system is that it is an automated sales tool, which eliminates the need for personal salesmanship.

Coughlin's marketing copy points out that people often get in the way of sales, so he has developed a marketing system that takes out the salesperson and enables the system user to make money behind the scenes. If you buy the system you are entitled to use content written by top marketing copywriters for your own website, which will, according to Coughlin, generate sales very effectively. On the other hand, some potential customers may prefer personal interaction, so this advantage may not be as great as those marketing it insist. So how is this system supposed to work? You put your information into Coughlin's system to develop your website. Then you advertise your website via internet marketing techniques.

Once you attract visitors to your website, the system promises to do the rest and you start getting paid a $1000 commision for every sale your site has generated. The multi-level component kicks in when you sign people up, giving you $500 or $1000 commissions from their sales, and then from those who sign up under them, and on down the line. Coughiln's promoters cite the lack of negative comments about their system as proof that it is not a scam. Getting down to brass tacks, to be in the system will cost $299 per month. This means you would need to make one sale every three months to break even. There is no guarantee as to when you will make your first sale; it may take months, though using better internet marketing tactics may improve your visitor stats and sales odds.

Also, Global Resorts Network requires you to pass up your first sale to your sponsor, so you will need to clarify how that squares with Coughlin's claim that you can start to make money right away with his system. People who arrive at your website will have to pay $50 to learn more details about the opportunity, just as you would have to do before you join. Also, when interested people have questions about the system, you are the person who has to answer them, so you would occasionally have to interact with a real person, despite Coughlin's claim that things are going to be "on autopilot." To sum up, in theory, the Reverse Funnel System seems like a pretty good deal once you are able to start making sales. However, if you can't make it work for you, you will be out at least $299 for every month you stay on board.

So make sure you know what you are getting into and how to market it well. Hopefully then you will not find yourself jumping ship with less in your pockets that you had before.

Jayne Manziel is a successful Entrepreneur coach and has helped hundred's of people build their business for over 20 years. Jayne devotes the time, energy, and effort into her team and mentors them to ensure their success. To learn more visit Jayne's Making Money Online website. Jayne is a proven leader and offers a Sales and Marketing Strategy for all of her team members in achieving financial success.

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